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Iberia Solar is a private equity-backed solar developer that originates, develops and builds PV power plants in the Iberian peninsula. Iberia Solar is backed by a group of founders, management team, investor and partners with extensive experience in the renewables sector - both locally and internationally - and a passion for creating a world-class solar development platform.

Iberia Solar’s pipeline of PV projects across the Spanish geography is up to 2GW, out of which those with grid access exceeds 1.5GW today. Our proprietary strategy has allowed us to quickly seize market opportunities that others were not able to capture and organically grow our business into one of the largest independent PV developers in Spain today.


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Current Pipeline of 15+ solar projects

project range of 25-330 MWp


2+ GW

located in castilla la mancha, castilla y leon, aragon, andalucia and madrid

Our Partners

Our main and trusted partners, on whom we rely tremendously, are some of the most active and reliable consultants, insurance companies, engineers, grid experts, banks, accountants, managers and lawyers in the Spanish energy landscape. Our relationship as partners is one of common growth and transparent cooperation, where we look to support each other and innovate in a symbiotic manner.

Amongst our partners, a case study of one with whom we have jointly created significant value is our key provider of “seguros de caucion” (Abarca and Avalisimo, Iberia’s leaders in this sector), and with whom we have worked extensively and creatively to innovate and tailor-make products that have allowed for our extensive, rapid and sustainable growth.

We care about the planet.

Our Values

As a platform, we aspire to create an organization that leaves a lasting impact on the renewables landscape in Spain and internationally. Our core personal values of sincerity, humility, generosity, efficiency, sustainability and desire to have fun all transcend fully into our professional endeavors and are in fact fully aligned with those of our investor and, more broadly, of our carefully chosen partners and collaborators.

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Iberia Solar was created in October 2018 by its founders Ignacio Martinez and Erik Martel, complementing their existing wind platform Four Winds, to focus on Spanish PV development.

They have over 30 years of combined experience in renewables and have been collaborating and working together over the last decade. Together, they possess several GWs of a renewables track record in project sourcing, development, construction, investment and financing, and platform building.

Their experience is complemented by their team members, partners and investor, who have come together to form a uniquely passionate and experienced ecosystem, allowing for rapid and sustained growth in solar PV Spain.

Erik Martel
Founder and Co-CEO
David Gomez
Project Director
Pilar Monjas
Project Manager
Laura Hosseini
Finance and Administration
Jaime Echevarria
BD Director and Institutional Relations
Victor Martin
Real Estate
Ignacio Martinez
Founder and Co-CEO
Cristian Merino Calvo
Technical Office
Pelayo Alvarez Alvarez
Technical Office

Our Investors

Iberia Solar is backed by Spain’s largest private equity fund, Asterion Industrial Partners, through their renewables platform Asterion Energies, and together we are firmly committed to contributing to the development of a better, healthier and more sustainable environment.

We have them to thank for their trust, friendship and knowledgeable guidance – together we can proudly say we are creating a leader in Spanish renewables and doing so while having fun and creating significant value for all stakeholders.

Both Iberia Solar and Asterion Industrial Partners have a deeply personal mission to support the transition to a greener economy and, more broadly, greener lives for us and our future generations. Being able to work day-to-day in an endeavor that is able to make an impactful and visible contribution to such a mission is a privilege and what motivates us every morning. Together we will support a faster and stronger transition to a renewable future, where we aim to become a benchmark within the renewable energy industry.



All of our projects are nurtured since conception with our experience and values. From a technical and commercial perspective, we originate projects in high radiation areas and decentralized substations – this way, we ensure that our projects generate electricity in the right areas while maximizing the profitability of the plants.

Currently, Iberia Solar is IUN in six subs-stations and has achieved c. 1.5GW of projects that have grid access, all under their proprietary strategy, and are poised to continue to increase capacity from their remaining pipeline, possessing the following key attributes and milestones:

Connection bonds placed and connection access (IVA) granted.

Permitting process started.

Engineering managed by  international leader.

70-100% land secured with 30y contracts.

Majority solely connected (no delays in complex shared connection agreements).

High resource areas and reduced connection costs.

Environmental and urban checks cleared.

Single Axis and Mono Crystalline technology.

Maximized economies of scale.

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Asterion dispara su tamaño y logra 1.100 millones


Asterion Industrial exceeds fundraising target in less than one year since the launch of inaugural fund


Asterion Industrial capta 901 millones en su fondo de infrastructuras europeas



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